Few words about me...

Bonjour, moi c'est Audrey!


As you can see I am French, but not only!

I am also a mum of 2 beautiful girls (yes, I am totally objective...), and the wife of a very cool guy too, 

I grew up in Picardie, one hour north of Paris and I am being an expat since 2012. 

I lived in different countries like USA, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.

And now, 10 years after my first expat,  here I am, back in Houston.

I love traveling and discovering new cultures, new places, even if I prefer the hot ones...


My friends says about me that I am a very sociable person who love making jokes (most of the time not so funny) and having fun.

I love people even if I am feeling more confortable in smaller groups.


I started working in Supply Chain and even if I loved what I was doing, the circumstances of being an expat made my employability very difficult so I decided to do what I really like :  Photography.


I am a nostalgic person, always taking pictures of events, daily life, making albums so Photography was just obvious for me.

I discovered Family films few years ago and something happened...hearing the voices, seeing the mimics of the family made a total difference.

It felt like when you are watching a movie and you have flashbacks from the past. I LOVED that!





Just because I am like you!!!!


What is worst than doing a family session with a photographer who does not have kids himself?

He has no idea what you are going through....


With me, no worry about that!,

As I said, I have 2 kids, I totally know what it is to ask them doing something they are not used to...,

I know what it is to have cranky kids...they are tired, hungry, not in the mood....


We will work as a team, You, Me and your kids.... 

The best way to involve them is to let them be kids.

We will make your session as much fun as we can. 

That is why your prep consultation exist.  We will plan (almost) everything but taking in account what your kids like too.


Just Two words : NO PRESSURE!


If you are still hesitating, please contact me and let's have a chat on the phone. I will answer all your questions.


Looking forward to seeing you soon...