Family, Happiness, Fun & Love 



There is always a moment in our life that we look back with nostalgia: 


The pride and the joy of carrying life, the first moments with your baby, the laughs of your kids all around your house.


Time flies, people change, kids grow up so fast that a quick look behind you and you realise that it was decades ago.


This is the power of the Family Photography and Films ;  it make you relive all these moments, these feelings, as long as you want, just by watching them.


propose you an interlude in the confort of your home, a freeze frame on those unique moments of your life that you will always remember.


Just a moment, where we will create, together, YOUR MEMORIES...




How YOUR session will go ? 



Either you chose a photography or family film session, I will join you at your house and/or a location of your choice.

It is better if the location chosen has a meaning for you.


We will spend some time TOGETHER with absolutely NO PRESSURE.

During this time, I will capture moments of YOUR LIFE... 


No posing, No fake smiles, just FUN!


If you are wondering if a family session is for you, don't hesitate!


Let me tell you that perfect family does not exist.

Each Family is UNIQUE, so your session will be UNIQUE.


We will go according your routine and your kids' mood.


Don't worry, we will have time to prepare your session together before the D-Day.






Who I am? 

Hi!  Me it's Audrey.


I am just a French girl, loving cheese (what a cliché!), traveling and people.


I am also a mum of two girls (So I know what it takes trying to get pictures of kids who don't want to!)


I am an expat for few years now, starting by Houston, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and back to Houston. 


The expat life, equally amazing and overwhelming from a human and cultural point of view as it is, involves also a lot of challenges. 


This experience helped me to focus on whom I really am and what I really want to do.

It took me times before I decided to take the plunge, take my passion and make it my job.


Now that I am back in town, this is with a lot of  enthusiasm and willingness that I want to make the small moments of your life eternals